Lead found in 20% of baby food samples. Slow and safe poisoning

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Lead was found in 20% of baby food samples a new study says. Lead is a very toxic element and can cause developmental delay, learning difficulties, irritability, loss of appetite, weight loss, sluggishness and fatigue, abdominal pain, vomiting. The lead was found especially juices and veggies.

The Environmental Defense Fund, in an analysis of 11 years of federal data, found detectable levels of lead in 20 percent of 2,164 baby food samples. The toxic metal was most commonly found in fruit juices such as grape and apple, root vegetables such as sweet potatoes and carrots, and cookies such as teething biscuits. In a draft report released earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency estimated that over 5 percent of children consume more than 6 micrograms per day of lead — the maximum daily intake level set by the Food and Drug Administration in 1993 — in their diet. According to the FDA, lead makes its way into food through contaminated soil, but Tom Neltner, Environmental Defense Fund’s chemicals policy director, suspects that processing may also play a role.

Percentage of food samples containing lead

Grape juice, baby: 89%, regular: 68%

Apple juice, baby: 55%, regular: 25%

Carrots, baby: 44%, regular: 14%

Source: Environmental Defense Fund

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